What Can We Expect From A Verizon iPhone?

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Steve Jobs?

Will he be at the announcement? You’d think so, but John Gruber makes a compelling argument against it.

For starters, the event is held on Verizon’s turf in New York, not Apple’s in Cupertino, California.

And if it’s truly just the same iPhone 4 that’s been out since last year, but on Verizon—don’t kill me, Apple/Verizon nuts—it’s not really that huge of a deal. Phone models span multiple carriers all the time.

And finally, if Verizon uses the get-together on Tuesday to tout its network’s superiority over AT&T’s, “Apple can’t really be a part of that,” says Gruber. “Apple is not leaving AT&T for Verizon. They’re adding Verizon as a peer to AT&T. Verizon can disparage AT&T at a Verizon event. Apple couldn’t let them do that at an Apple event.”

Network Congestion?

Verizon has apparently been “beefing up its network” in anticipation of the iPhone, according to the Journal. What are the odds that millions of Verizon iPhones could overload Verizon’s network like the millions of iPhones that have overloaded AT&T’s network?

It could happen, but Verizon’s had plenty of time to monitor the growing pains that AT&T’s had to go through and, if anything, perhaps enough AT&T iPhone owners will jump ship for Verizon. In a perfect world, the two networks would balance each other out as far as iPhone congestion is concerned.


No. Let’s all keep calm and wait for Tuesday.

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