Best Buy: “No Truth” To Apple Genius Bar Rumor

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Genius Bars are not coming to your local Best Buy. The rumor, which was posted by the Unofficial Apple Web Blog and picked up by other publications, said that a Best Buy employee told the website thatan unnamed Apple representative told employees that stores were gearing up to host more Apple products. One of the biggest changes was that all stores were said to be getting a Genius Bar, the handy tech guys who deal with all your Apple product problems at Apple Stores. The reports are untrue.

Representatives from the organization told Techland today: “Best Buy would like to clarify that there is no truth whatsoever to the Apple Genius Bar rumor.”

Getting a Genius Bar in Best Buy would render the Geek Squad useless on Apple Products, which in turn could affect the store’s extended warranty plans. Apple and Best Buy have had a partnership since 2006, when the two companies launched a seven store pilot program that featured Mac computers in selected Best Buy stores, according to Apple Insider. The Genius Bar in Best Buy stores is a noble idea, but we were suspect that this might be a false rumor from the start.

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