First Full-Length “Grand Theft Auto 4” Machinima Movie Created

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Machinima – the art of taking real time graphics, usually from video game play, and dubbing it over to create a computer animated movie – has been used to create web series like Red vs. Blue and other comedic spoofs. The style of filmmaking reached broad audiences when featured in South Park’s episode “Make Love Not Warcraft”. (Warning: Episode extremely funny and nerdy, but language NSFW)

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For those of you who haven’t discovered the wonderful world of machinima, here’s something new to check out. French filmmaker Mathieu Weschler has created the first full length – around 88 minutes long – Grand Theft Auto 4 feature called The Trashmaster. The feat is so impressive that instead of getting angry about stealing video game clips and posting them on a public site, Rockstar Games is applauding his efforts. The project took two years to complete and is based on an original screenplay that revolves around a New York City trashman who tries to avenge the deaths of dancers at his favorite strip club.

Okay, so it’s not Scarface, but just by watching the movie you can see how much effort went into editing and “filming” the movie. You can see the movie above. (Warning: Language and Scenes of Violence NSFW)

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