Yahoo! Starts Online Sports Magazine “The Post Game”

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Sports fans have one more place to rant and rave about their favorite teams online. Last night, Yahoo! launched The Post Game, an online sports magazine that hopes to provide further analysis (and argue) about your favorite pastimes. Magazine length and style article’s like “Tom Brady’s Guru,” seem to be what this new outlet hopes its bread and butter will become, but they do say they will also include the 140 word post about current events.

“We all know that the print world is challenged and that the form, structure and delivery of magazines in the print form are quickly becoming anachronistic,” chief executive of SportsFanLive, Yahoo!’s other sports publication, David Katz said to the New York Times. “But the purpose they were meant to serve — the long stories and the context that they gave in the sports landscape — is still very much needed.”

Katz added that he hopes to bring the sports magazine for the generation of people who use the Web. Right now, Sports Illustrated and ESPN the Magazine and their websites are the main source for news, although sites like Deadspin and TMZ have gained some popularity in recent years for their sports gossip. Is there still space for long form sports journalism? We say yes, especially because many topics transcend the games become important talking points in pop culture. Do you agree?

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