3D Is Already Old Hat – Time To Open Your Noses To The New Hotness

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Sure, almost every movie, television and home entertainment body in the world may be trying to tell you that 3D is the Next Big Thing right now, but one visionary company is already looking to the next Next Big Thing: The return of smell-o-vision.

San Jose-based Scent Sciences has already teamed with James Cameron for the Asia release of Avatar, which it augmented with scents to create Avatar 4D, and now it’s making its home model ScentScape available domestically. Described as “an innovative digital scent delivery system which provides the extra dimension of scent to gaming, entertainment and other consumer markets,” the $69.99 box offers up to 200 hours of “heavy use” for 20 scents, complete with “volume control” to make sure that things don’t get too smelly. There’s one problem for those who might be hoping to add this next generation experience to their home theater: It’s Windows-only right now.


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