See “NBA 2K11” in 3D With New Update (If You Have the Equipment)

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If you couldn’t get to a Best Buy store to get the exclusive 3D retail version of NBA 2K11 relax:  2K Games announced on the Playstation Blog they are releasing a 3D Stereoscopic update for PS3 gamers.

“And from personal experience, it’s absolutely amazing how your player literally jumps off the screen when going for a thunderous dunk,” 2K Games Community Manager Ronnie Singh wrote. “Or maybe a certain President in 3D? It must be witnessed to be believed!”

The patch will be available January 16 so you can get one day of play time before you get back to work. You’ll need a pair of “active-shutter glasses” to see it correctly, but if you have the red and blue kind that should work too. (No word on where to get extra glasses though, but it’s not the same as the ones you get from the movie theater so no use trying to stock up on those.) You’ll also need a 3D television and online connectivity.

Singh answered other questions about the patch, which includes other minor updates. From what I gleaned it will fix they issue they had that made it difficult to play with friends because of unranked games and glitches including the one where AI players who fouled out still returned to the game after a time out in My Player mode. Gameplay will remain the same, and the update will not add navigation controller support to the game. We won’t be able to add custom player’s shoes yet, and although Singh himself is pushing for it, there is no DLC scheduled for that or anything else for 2K11 as of yet.

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