TurboTax Unveils New Mobile App To Help You File Taxes

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We apologize: We’re betting that you don’t want to be reminded of tax season this early in the year, nor did you really wish for filing tax app. But Turbo Tax’s new app hopes to make the tedious act of filing taxes a whole lot easier, and since all of us have to embark on this terrible journey of showing Uncle Sam what is due to us (or what we owe him).

TurboTax SnapTax for the iPhone and Android lets you take a picture of your W2 return, imports all the information for you, asks you any additional questions you may have needed to clarify and files your taxes for you. The ability to upload information by snapping a photo of your W2 returns was unveiled last year, but this is the first time the function is coming to your mobile phone. Filing taxes by photo will cost your $14.99, but the app is free to try, takes care of your federal and state income taxes, and TurboTax claims you will receive “your biggest tax refund.”

Hmm if only it made tax season fun…

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