Survey: Kids Aren’t Afraid To Friend Their Parents

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According to a study by Kaplan Test Prep, the company that provides tutoring and study services for all the major college and grad school entrance exams, about two-thirds of American teens aren’t afraid to friend their parents on Facebook. (Maybe it’s just teens who don’t mind being so open: I’m still terrified to friend my family.)

“Facebook … continues to be the new frontier in the ever evolving relationship between parent and child,” Kaplan Test Prep executive director Kristen Campbell to Reuters.

Though some teens reported that they were only allowed to join the social network with their parent’s supervision, Campbell believes in some ways Facebook allows for some independence of communication outside the realm of parental supervision. Even if the teen was friends on the social network with their father or mother, they still can communicate with friends without a parent hearing or seeing what they say. The survey didn’t ask if teens put up special filters to prevent their parents from seeing pictures, videos or wall posts.

Of course, 38 percent of the 2,313 students from 16 to 18-year-olds questioned said they simply ignored their father or mother’s request. But if your parent’s are anything like Stan’s dad on South Park, that friend request could be hard to ignore.


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