Well That’s One Way To Recycle Your Apple Computer

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Need to get rid of that old Apple G4 or Mac and those ungrateful kids say that the technology is too old for them to use? Here’s some creative ways that people came up with to spruce up their old Mac products so they can still get some practical use out of it.

Apple G4 As A Mailbox

This Apple G4 tower brings a whole new meaning to “you’ve got mail.” [via We Love Apple]

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iMac As A Hamster Cage

If only you could power the computer by having the hamster run on that wheel

iMac As A Terranium

Wow the graphics card makes the display so lifelike! Oh wait…

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Macintosh SE/30 As An Aquarium

Bet you never thought you would see one of these again and especially not in this way [via Macquarium Flickr]

iMac As A Trash Bin

You can literally trash your unwanted files

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iMac As A Lamp

And Apple said, “Let there be light.”

iBook As A Clock

Adds an interesting conversation piece to the Apple users’ home [via Etsy]

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