MTV Plans Online Award Show To Celebrate Online

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Never ones to miss the chance to celebrate, especially if it means the chance for exclusive performances from “today’s hottest stars”, MTV is planning a new awards show aimed at the web – literally. The show, which will honor the best of digital music and social media, will take place at some point this spring, and be online-only.

According to Dermot McCormack, MTV’s EVP of Digital Media, the unnamed show will “be the opposite of a TV awards show” with “social conversation [as] the centerpiece.” What that actually means is open to question – rumored categories include Best Music App and Best Music-Related Tweet – but McCormack seems energized by the possibilities it apparently offers:

There’s a lot of contraints on TV. Digital, as a storytelling medium, has fewer constraints. We will look to innovate around how to take advantage of the tools the web offers. The digital music world needs a new MTV. And we would like to apply for that job.

As long as it doesn’t mean we’ll get Daniel Tosh reading out viewer tweets in front of a greenscreen, I think we can all agree that everyone needs a new MTV, thank you very much.

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