YouTube Revamps Homepage To Make Users Happier – It Hopes

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YouTube has a new look that, the company hopes, will keep users happy while making the site more aimed at you – yes, you in particular. In a refreshingly hype-free blog post, the reason behind the changes was made clear:

After countless user studies and community surveys, one thing came in loud and clear: the homepage in its current form doesn’t mean much to most of you, and could be more personally relevant.

Changes were made to the formatting and layout of the page to increase the amount of personalized content, and when a beta version of the new homepage was made available to users, response was considered positive enough to launch it officially (As the blog charmingly, if uncertainly, says, “Although some of you might miss some features, we think this latest version is a step in the right direction”). The changes include:

• Increased focus on videos that matter to you (subscriptions, friend’s sharing, recommendations)
• You can easily filter your homepage to show only the latest uploads from your subscriptions
• Don’t miss anything; if a channel uploads four videos in a day, you’ll see all four – instead of just the latest video
• Quick access to the inbox when you have new messages or comments
• Knows what you have seen (videos you’ve watched are grayed out)
• Remove any video (hover and click the “x” button)

The new homepage was released yesterday.

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