8% of Americans Would Rather Starve Than Get Disconnected

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Giving up connectivity is hard to do. Apparently, it’s especially hard to do for the 8% of participants in a recent survey that declared that they would rather give up eating than give up cable, cellphones or internet.

AdAge commissioned a survey from Ipsos Observer, asking 1000 Americans whether they’d be more willing to give up their cable, cellphone or internet. Aside from the 8% who probably need to leave the house more often, 49% said that cable would be the easiest habit to break, with 37% going for cellphone and only 6% saying internet (Yes, that’s right: More people would be willing to give up eating than give up the internet). It’s not necessarily the bad news for television companies that it looks like: A quarter of those taking part already watch programming on non-television platforms, and 18% admitted that they considered themselves “likely” to buy a 3D television in the next year.

Clearly, television manufacturers should work on creating edible 3D televisions, thereby helping those who’d rather stay connected than eat, even if it is just for a quick nibble between shows.

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