Latest PSP2 Rumors Claim Touchscreen, 3G Connectivity

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Sony’s supposedly holding an event to formally announce the PSP2 later this week in Japan but, per Kotaku, one of that country’s biggest newspapers has let a few details slip. According to the report, the next Sony portable will feature an OLED screen that will be touch-compatible and will be able to connect to the network of NTT DoCoMo, one of the nation’s biggest wireless carriers. This jibes with previous reports but it’s unclear as to whether this will be a subsidized connection like the deal that Amazon enjoys from Sprint for Kindle devices, or whether it’s an a la carte data plan situation.

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Other recent rumors have said that Sony’s successor handheld will sport dual analog sticks, rival the PS3 and box 360 in graphical and processing power and will lay the propietary UMD disc format to rest for good. If that latter part proves true, it’d be great if Sony offers a solution for playing UMDs–or installing them–on the new system. Many of the system’s most popular titles still come out via UMD and it’d be a shame to see them left to wither. An all-download handheld seems better positioned to succeed now when compared to Sony’s stillborn launch of the PSPGo but lots of question remain to be ansewered. Official details on digital distribution, the final fate of UMDs and everything else PSP2 will finally come to light when Sony pulls back the curtain on the PSP2 on the 27th.

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