New “L.A. Noire” Trailer Outs Release Date

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It’s no longer a mystery as to when you’ll be able to play the hard-boiled detective game from Rockstar Games. The latest trailer for L.A. Noire reveals that the game will be out on May 17th. The clip also hints that several of the game’s murders may be the work of one serial killer. Along with the voiceover from the crazed murderer, the new video also teases that a femme fatale or two–another staple of the film noir genre–will be showing up to entangle protagonist Cole Phelps in a dangerous web.

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L.A. Noire marks a rare occasion when Rockstar’s released two major titles within a year of each other, a feat made possible by the fact that most of the development was happening at the Team Bondi dev studio in Australia while last year’s Red Dead Redemption was wrapping up production. The crime thriller will be available on May 20th for Europe and comes out for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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