TechFast: Facebook Credits, Amazon Groceries, iPhone Wallet

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Good morning! Here are some of today’s top tech stories so far. We’ll cover a few of these throughout the day but feel free to get a head start.

Apple Plans Service That Lets Users Pay With IPhones

Link: Bloomberg

Rumor has it that the next version of the iPhone will contain an NFC (near field communications) chip that will allow participating retailers to accept contactless payments from iPhone users. The rumor also indicates that the next iPad will sport the same functionality. That’s one big wallet!

Topaz Specs! Exclusive details on Touchstone v2 and much more!

Link: Pre Central

More details about HP’s upcoming Palm tablet have apparently made their way to HP is expected to reveal official details on February 9.

Report: Amazon plans to expand grocery deliver service

Link: TechFlash

Amazon’s been testing a local grocery delivery service in the Seattle area for more than three years. Is the online retailing giant looking to roll it out to other parts of the country, too?

The Next Step for Facebook Credits

Link: Facebook

Starting in July, Facebook will require that all developers looking to offer games through the social network use Facebook’s own “Credits” system for in-game payments.

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