Gaming Tip Sheet: “NBA 2K11”

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We’re not quite in the NBA postseason yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start playing out how 2011 will end with NBA 2K11. We talked to the development team for the game who gave us some tips – optimized for PS3 – to help you be a baller on the court. To see other the other Gaming Tip Sheets, click here.

Being Defensive

Defensive A.I. is a lot smarter this year; long, bad passes will be picked off extremely quickly, so be sure to be smart and patient when pushing the ball up court. The risk is worth it though, as a strong up-tempo offense can really be fun and unstoppable (See: 06-07 Warriors).

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Jordan is incredibly effective shooting off the dribble. Drive across the lane and move the Shot Stick in the same direction as your momentum for a pullup drifter, away from your momentum for a spin back jumper, or away from the basket for a stepback jumper.

Man on Man

Mastering the 2-man game will get you a lot of easy baskets. Hold LT (L2 for PS3) and press the Pass button for a Give and Go. The passer will immediately cut to the hoop after making the first pass. If he has an open lane, try throwing him an alley-oop by holding LT (L2 for PS3) and pressing B (Circle on PS3).

Hot N Cold

Players get hot and cold throughout the course of a game just like real life. The shooting meter underneath the ball handler’s feet (which looks like a cell phone reception indicator) shows how hot or cold your players are from various spots on the floor. When the meter is full, you’re taking a high percentage shot. When it’s empty, you’ll most likely miss. Shot selection is key to successful basketball.

Reality Sets In

This year, 2K Sports has revamped and tweaked each team’s playbook and plays, causing each team to play much closer to how they play in real life. Once you settle on a team, be sure to study and practice your team’s playbook; that could be difference between a 3 point loss, and a 2 point win.

Control Freak

With Total Control Passing enabled, tap RB (R1 for PS3) and hold the action button of one of your teammates. As long as you have the action button held, you can move that player around with the Left Stick. It’s a useful tool for freeing up good shooters away from the ball.


When driving toward the basket, hold LT (L2 for PS3) and move the Shot Stick toward the basket for a euro step layup, away from the basket for a spin layup, or left/right for a hop step layup to evade defenders. * To free yourself from defenders when shooting close to the basket, hold LT (L2 for PS3), flick the Shot Stick to start a special pumpfake, then quickly move and hold the Shot Stick before the pumpfake finishes for a nice up and under shot.

How To Score

If you’re having trouble scoring inside, try posting up. Hold LT+RT (L2+R2 for PS3) and move toward a defender. Experiment with different post shots using the Shot Stick.

There Is No I in Team

To get one of your teammates to cut to open space, tap LB (L1 on PS3) then tap the action button of the player you want to get a shot for. Now flick the Right Stick in the direction you want your teammate to cut.

Now go shoot some hoops!

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