Oscars Revamp Website, Realize Social Media Exists

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Now you too can go to the Oscars, for just $4.99. Admittedly, you won’t be sitting beside Johnny Depp – or even in the same building – but you will get to go to the (Governors) Ball… well, kind of. The official Academy Awards website has been revamped to allow Twitter, MySpace and Facebook users to be given “unprecedented access that even the winner don’t have” into the whole shebang, including backstage cameras and access to footage from the red carpet, awards and aftershow parties that’ll be unavailable elsewhere.

Users will also be able to keep track of how their favorites are doing, and take part in an online contest to design and choose the outfits worn by this year’s “trophy escort” (The woman giving out the awards, not some Charlie Sheen-esque euphemism). The majority of the content is available for free, but “All Access” passes cost $4.99. Whether or not all this online activity hints at an Academy that’s seen The Social Network and finally realized the internet exists remains open to question.

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