ComiXology Lets Your Local Comic Store Sell Comics Online

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ComiXology, the company behind both its own digital comic store and the technology that powers similar stores for publishers like Marvel Comics and DC Comics, has solved a dilemma for loyal fans wanting to step into the future: Thanks to their just-announced Digital Storefront Affiliate program, no longer will fans have to choose between buying digital comics and staying faithful to their local retailer.

The program will let retailers the chance to integrate their existing site with comiXology’s technology and comics library, essentially allowing any participating retailer become their own digital retailer. CEO of comiXology, David Steinberger, explains the move like this:

The comiXology digital sales and reading platform embedded directly on a retailers website is a great opportunity for retailers to participate in the digital comic business. As a result, the program will create a new marketplace online for publishers and retailers to increase revenue streams while strengthening their relationships. It also marks the beginning of new way of thinking for retailers, which will ultimately lead them to taking full ownership of their digital initiatives as we continue to roll out the stages of the program.

Hinted at in the official press release is the existence of some kind of publisher tie-in that may explain why customers would choose to purchase from a retailer digitally, instead of a publisher site or app, or comiXology’s own storefront; “participating publishers” are to be announced in upcoming weeks. Equally unknown is what, if anything, this initiative will do to the rumored plan by Diamond Comic Distributors to launch its own digital distribution service to allow retailers to sell digital comics directly to customers.

Interested retailers are being advised to request more information from the company.

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