Number of Real 3D Screens To Double in Regal Entertainment Theaters

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With the increasing amount of movies being released on 3D, it’s no surprise that theaters will be upping their 3D capable screens as well. Today, Regal Entertainment Group announced that they will be adding an addition 1,500 Real 3D-enabled screens, doubling the current amount set in their May 2008 contract.

“We continue to see high demand from moviegoers for RealD’s premium 3D viewing experience and to meet that demand Regal expects to 3D-enable approximately 40% of its screens as part of its ongoing nationwide digital rollout,” CEO of Regal Entertainment Group Amy Miles said in the press release.  “Doubling our agreement for RealD 3D-enabled screens will allow us to play multiple 3D films at the same time and assure moviegoers the option of seeing films in a premium 3D format.”

This past December marked the first time marked the first time we saw two 3D films open on the same weekend, TRON: Legacy and Yogi Bear, but with 35 3D films scheduled to be released this year – 13 more than last year – it’s probably going to start happening more often. That also means that you can pretty much assume that your movie ticket price will increase; with more 3D films and screens available, it might be harder to find your 2D version.

Are you happy about this choice or do you miss the good old days?

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