Some AT&T Users Get a Second Chance at Unlimited 3G Data

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Back in early June, AT&T switched from a $30-per-month unlimited 3G data plan to two separate data plans: a $15 per month plan with 200MB of data and a $25 per month plan with 2GB of data.

At that time, customers paying for unlimited data were grandfathered in to their plans unless they proactively switched to one of the newer options.

In light of Verizon’s $30 unlimited data plan, some AT&T customers have apparently been successful at getting unlimited data added to their accounts. The stipulation seems to be that if you subscribed to AT&T’s unlimited data plan prior to June—which basically covers everyone with an AT&T smartphone back then since that was the only available data plan—you may be able to call customer service and get your unlimited data plan back if you’ve since switched to one of the newer plans.

You’ll have to pay $30 per month, of course, but if you’ve had a dull, remorse-laden stomach ache since early summer that seemed to hit you the moment you tried to save a little moolah by switching to one of the new data packages, you may want to try to sweet talk your way back into your old plan.

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