Nikon Patents Gimmicky DSLR Projector, Everyone Groans

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Nikon has filed a patent in Japan for a built-in DSLR projector, which should come in handy should you be the type to always carry a blank wall  in your camera bag. According to a Nikon Rumors report, the image will be projected through the eyepiece of the electronic viewfinder so that “two or more persons can see the reproduced image simultaneously projected on a screen.”

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Check out the preliminary sketches:

This seems more bells and whistles-y than anything, and will likely be utilized as a selling tactic targeted at entry-level consumers (can’t you already see Ashton prancing around?). While projection technology is nothing new, I’m wary of the added weight and bulk that’s likely to deter photo purists, especially since the DSLR arms race is trending towards HD video and more compact camera bodies for portability.

But while we’re at it, here are a few other features that I think Nikon should go ahead and patent for future models. Just for kicks:

  • An MP3 Player that syncs with iTunes
  • A “Clap On!”-activated shutter release
  • An LCD touchscreen for navigation (would actually be pretty cool if it worked well)
  • A pedometer
  • 3D
  • 4G
  • Photo recognition tagging (creepy!)
  • An integrated “like” button
  • A cupcake froster

Anything I missed?

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