Poor Advertisers: Most Mobile Ads Clicked On Accidentally

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Advertisers aren’t doing a better job on in-app mobile phone ads, you’re just clicking on them by mistake. A new survey by lead gen provider Pontiflex and researcher Harris Interactive shows that 47 percent of people admit that they more often than not click on the mobile ads that pop up unintentionally – with an overwhelming 61 percent of people from 18 to 34 saying it’s most likely the case.

You can probably blame the small real estate that barely gives you room to tap especially when playing games for this occurrence or those annoying ads that seem to pop up at bad times. Other survey highlights include:

—71 percent of mobile app users state that they prefer ads that keep them within the mobile app they are using, instead of ads that take them out of the app to a mobile web browser

—95 percent of mobile app users use free apps and 41 percent use paid apps

—96 percent of mobile apps users with household income of $75K-plus said they use free apps

“If you are a mobile marketer, why would you run a [cost-per-click] campaign?” Pontiflex’s CEO Zephrin Lasker said to Paid Content. “Steve Jobs was right: keep people in the app. The problem with the approach of a lot of mobile advertising is that the old online model has been transferred to the mobile device.”

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