TweetDeck Launches For Longwinded Users

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Tweetdeck has decided that 140 characters isn’t enough anymore. The company has announced, a new service that allows users to post tweets longer than 140 characters. Similar to the already existing Twitlonger, will let users post longer tweets that will be linked to on Twitter and then available to read in full on a dedicated website. According to Tweetdeck founder Iain Dodsworth, the new service has been a long time coming:

From day one [of Tweetdeck], it was one of the things almost everyone was screaming about… I’ve been very protective of the fact that [140 characters] is a platform limitation of the services we sit on top of and we have an element of respect for that [but] let’s be honest – we are competing with Twitter on a daily basis. We are fighting for the people that use the same service. Our users are a higher level and they want more – those are people that Twitter doesn’t want to compete for.’s website is up, but only to offer a coming soon message. Apparently, brevity is still necessary for now.

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