AOL Purchases 18000-Site Strong Video Network

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AOL is continuing its move away from the written word by buying its own video distribution network. The company explains its purchase of GoViral by saying that it “supports our overall content strategy by creating another immediate delivery path for all of the great content we are generating daily.”

The sale is worth $74.1 million, with a further $22.6 million over the next two years, and will make GoViral part of AOL’s ongoing plan to distribute video content across its network, and follows development deals with more than 20 partners including Endemol, Vuguru and, oddly enough, Heidi Klum to provide said content. The deal for the European company was handled by AOL Europe, with GoViral’s network of 18,000 branded sites officially becoming part of AOL’s European operations while being integrated into the brand internationally.

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