It Just Keeps Growing: “Angry Birds Rio” Coming Soon

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Rovio and 20th Century Fox are taking fans of the Angry Bird franchise to Rio for the next installment. According to PC Mag, Angry Birds Rio will be a little different from the original game and related to RIO, 20th Century Fox’s new bird-themed animated movie.

After the angry birds are kidnapped by an evil white parrot and taken to Rio De Janeiro, they find hundreds of other birds suffering in cages including the stars of RIO. We can expect the new developments in gameplay to be related to the movie. The game will have 45 levels, but Rovio said there will be app upgrades. No word on how much it will cost (or how the pesky pigs and eggs are going to be central to this game), but it is expected to be released on all mobile platforms. Angry Birds Rio will be out some time in March.

Angry Birds Rio joins a list of franchise products currently being developed. There’s the Valentine’s Day edition which will be out this month, toys being produced and, if those were not enough, an animated television series in the works. So for those of you complaining that there’s no replay value in Angry Birds, relax: There’s going to be plenty more new games and media for you to try to beat and consume.

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