Study: America Loves TV More Now Than 3 Years Ago

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It’s time to finally lay the myth of cord-cutting to rest; Americans are not only still in love with television, they’re actually watching more of it than they were three years ago, according to Deloitte’s fifth annual “State of the Media Democracy” report.

Asked to rank their three favorite types of media, television scored highest with 71% of respondents, followed by the internet and music (Books and movies followed). According to Deloitte’s Jim McDonnell, it’s a sign that America has fallen even more in love with television: “[Consumers] have actually changed their behavior and are coming back to television in a big way… They’re enjoying TV more than they were three years ago, and they’re watching it more.”

More good news for the networks comes in the form of 86% of those asked saying that TV advertisements influence them the most (online and print magazine and newspaper ads were next in line), as well as the discovery that social networks are part of the drive back to television, with a common reason for watching more television being that people don’t want to be out of the loop or spoiled when friends are discussing favorite shows. Ownership of DVRs and flatscreen televisions is also up over three years ago. Somewhere, 1992 Michael Franti is shaking his head in sadness.

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