Angry Birds To Make Super Bowl Ad History This Sunday

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Here’s a sign that Rovio’s Angry Birds has reached a new level of fame: It’s at the center of a groundbreaking new Super Bowl ad to be seen this Sunday, despite not appearing in the ad whatsoever, nor being the product advertised.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox’s 30-second commercial for animated movie Rio will be the first Super Bowl ad to air with an embedded code – a code that will give users access to an exclusive level of Angry Birds, as part of a partnership deal between Fox and Rovio. It’s just the first stage in an ongoing relationship between the game and Rio, which will also see Rovio releasing a special “Angry Birds Rio” game on March 22nd, ahead of the movie’s release on April 15th.

The pairing makes more sense than just “Let’s jump on this popular bandwagon.” Rio focuses on a domesticated Macaw from Minnesota who’s taken to Rio to mate with the last female in his species, only for adventure, mishap and most likely romance to ensue. Angry Birds Rio will follow a similar plot, only without the romance or adventure, as the eponymous birds are kidnapped to Rio and have to rescue the stars of the movie. Presumably using catapults and smashing things.

For those who want to catch the ad – or, more likely, the embedded code – without having to watch the entire Super Bowl, it’s scheduled for the fourth quarter. The game, of course, airs on Fox this Sunday, and sadly features no players thrown through the air by giant catapults. Maybe next year.

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