Google Latitude, Google Shopper Apps Get An Update

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For those of you out there who are fans of Google’s apps, the company announced on their blog today that they’ve created Google Shopper for the iPhone and added a check-in function for Google Latitude.

Google Shopper

Previously only for the Android Market, Google Shopper allows you to search for the item you want by typing the word in, saying the name of the item or scanning the barcode. It will pull up product reviews and nearby locations and web retailers that sell the product you are looking for, allowing you to compare prices and, with some retailers, see available stock. The free application is on iTunes and can run on the iPhone and iPod touch generations iOS 4.0 or later.

Google Latitude

If you use Google Maps 5.1 on your Android device, you can now check into locations using Google Latitude. It will still automatically update and share the general location of where you are, but you can now add more information. Before it would just say the city or neighborhood; now you can say what store or restaurant you are in. For example, if you take a picture of a building, you can add a caption to let your friends and family specifically where you are.

Three new functions were added as well: a notification feature to remind you to check-in, an automatic check-in function that will say you are at designated places as soon as you get there and an automatic check out program for commonly visited places. More frequent check-ins at one location will give you a special status on its Place page, like “Regular,” “VIP” or “Guru.”

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