Android, Apple iOS Lead 60% Increase In Smartphone Usage In US

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Americans were using their smartphones a lot more last year, with usage up an amazing 60%. But it’s only really good news for Apple and Google, as ComScore figures suggest that iOS and Android were the only mobile platforms to see any increase, with RIM, Microsoft and Palm all dropping in the last months of the year.

Google’s Android is by far the winner of the data released on activity between September and December 2010; it gained 7.3% in terms of subscriber base, against a 0.7% gain for Apple’s iOS and losses from everyone else. Overall service usage saw a rise in every activity, with the most popular continuing to be text messaging, although the largest gain came from usage of social networking sites or games, up 1.5%, followed by browser use and app downloads, both of which showed a 1.3% gain.

Overall, according to ComScore, 63.2 million people used smartphones in the US for the three month period ending last year.

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