Meebo Buys New Psychographic Mindset

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Ever heard of “psychographic advertising”? Social platform Meebo has – and it’s so convinced that it’s bought a company that uses it, just to help its advertising partners convince you that you really want to buy their products.

Meebo has purchased online ad measuring and targeting company Mindset Media for an undisclosed sum, it’s been announced today, with an aim to expand the latter’s offerings to advertising partners. According to former Mindset CEO (and new Meebo SVP) Jim Meyer, “psychographic advertising” goes beyond simple demographics to give clients a better idea of who they’re selling to:

[It focuses on] the ‘who’ people are, as opposed to demographic, which is the ‘what’ people are. The problem with demo targeting is that every developed category, from tech to autos, is crowded with too many products into a certain space. Psychographics is more about the sophisticated categories… where the big brand dollars reside.

Prior to the purchase, the two companies had worked together on some projects; this purchase will fold Mindset into Meebo, with an aim to incorporate all of Mindset’s workforce inside Meebo.

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