Is Apple TV Gaming Coming Soon?

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A source has leaked to Engadget that new ecode in the iOS 4.3 beta 3 firmware suggests that Apple TV might be gearing up for online gaming capabilities. The system might be similar to OnLive gaming system works, although that’s pure speculation. Here’s a screenshot of what the Engadget insider saw:

What exactly are you looking at? Well, first, there’s several mentions of “ATVGames” and “ATVThunder” that could be linked to a controller. There’s mentions of leaderboards and a way to schedule games, suggesting multiplayer gaming. The ATVMerchant tag probably means there’s going to be a store of some sort.

Is Apple making the right move turning their TV device into a gaming console or should they work on an actual product dedicated to competing against Microsoft’s industry Behemoth? Again this is all speculation, but if Apple was thinking of entering the console wars, they could potentially change the game.

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