Apple Kills iBooks On Jailbroken iOS, But Is That Legal?

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If your iPhone or iPad has been jailbroken, Apple may have decided that you don’t deserve to use their iBooks store anymore as punishment. Josh from the Social Apples website has noticed that Apple has, in his words, “deliberately crippled” his iPhone after jailbreaking:

Since using the greenpois0n jailbreak, I have been unable to open some of my iBooks that I rightfully purchased from the iBook Store. I thought it was a problem with the downloaded books, so I re-downloaded them. That didn’t work so I removed the iBooks from my iPhone and re-sync’d them from my computer… still no luck… I haven’t had a need to jailbreak the iPad so I’ve left it alone. Without much surprise and with no merriment, I was able to open the books just fine on the iPad.

The issue seems to be that Apple has inserted “jailbreak checks” into its iOS since iOS 4.0 that locks users out of material they’ve paid for if their phones have gone through a jailbreak. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Apple patented this idea last year, before jailbreak was declared legal. So what does it mean now that Apple is following through on their patented threat? Does the company really have the right to stop users using something they’ve legally obtained just because it doesn’t like what they’ve done to the OS of a product they’ve also legally obtained? Somehow, I sense a potential lawsuit in the future…

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