AT&T CEO Slams Apple App Store: Not What Customers “Expect To Experience”

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Has the Apple App Store experience been everything you wanted and more? AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson thinks that their customers deserve more. In a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress, Stephenson called out Apple for forcing customers to purchase the same program for different products.

“You purchase an app for one operating system, and if you want it on another device or platform, you have to buy it again,” Stephenson said during the keynote speech. “That’s not how our customers expect to experience this environment.”

Stephenson envisioned a plan where AT&T and other carriers could sell apps directly to their customers without having to go through a different company, which he called the Wholesale Applications Community. The CEO mentioned that he believed that HTML 5 would become the new programing standard, which would make it easier for apps to run on different platforms.

It’s definitely interesting that AT&T’s CEO would speak ill of Apple system, especially since until a few weeks ago they were the exclusive iPhone carrier.

[via USA Today]

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