Watch the App Editions of ‘Inception,’ ‘The Dark Knight’ on Your iPad

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Want to buy The Dark Knight or Inception to watch on your iPad, but don’t want to buy it on iTunes? Surprisingly, there’s an app for that. Warner Bros. is launching “app editions” of the two movies across 35 countries, 23 of which don’t currently have access to iTunes versions of either movie.

The apps, which will be free to download, will include the first five minutes of the movie along with additional material (including trivia and tie-in games) and a link to purchase the full movie (For American audiences, Dark Knight will cost $9.99, Inception $11.99; prices will vary internationally). Warners’ president of digital distribution Thomas Gewecke calls the move “an innovative way to build a global footprint on devices that are optimized for video viewing.”

The studio is said to be already working on app editions for other films to be launched throughout the year. The question is, will the next wave be as targeted to a tech-friendly geek audience as Nolan’s movies? Personally, I’m hoping for an app version of Legends of The Superheroes.

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