5 Google Demo Slams Worth Watching

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These days, it seems like everybody wants to be famous, or at least relatively Internet-famous. Google was probably banking on that idea, at least a little bit, when it announced its “Demo Slam” competition last October. The publicity stunt of a competition, for which it appears the only reward will be lots of Internet fame, asked users to make a video showcasing a creative way to use a Google program such as Google Voice Search, Google Translate, Google Video Chat or Google Goggles, among others. All submitted videos were then entered in a face off ¬†for the most votes.

Although Demo Slams wasn’t a slam dunk by any means, four months have elapsed and the company announced today that it has narrowed down all of the video submissions (all of which were actually pretty cool) to a round of 16 for tournament-style voting. While we’re not sure how many people actually followed the contest before, we sized up the competition for you. Here’s a look at 5 entertaining Demo Slams worth watching.

1. Rushmore

A group of guys go through a lot of chicken wire and spraying face paint to create a replica of Mount Rushmore that Google Goggles recognizes. While one commenter points out at the end that Goggles ultimately recognizes the landmark based on a pattern of fake trees rather than on their replica of the faces themselves, it’s still a creative slam that’s fun to watch.


2. Extra Spicy

This one has the thrill of a prank call, but with the tasty reward that is samosas and indian curry. Who knew Google Translate could get you that?


3. Maria Sharapova

Even though we’re sure Sharapova’s only doing this as part of her Sony Ericsson sponsorship, watching her use Google Voice translate while pounding tennis balls at the boys is a slam, indeed.


4. Epic Google Docs Animation

While this probably isn’t the best way to collaborate to make an animation project, these guys take the cake in the “most creative” category by using only Google Docs to create the most fun fake-informational presentation ever.


5. 0-60 Contacts in 10 Minutes

While many of the Demo Slams are great because they’re creative, this video is great because it showcases a truly practical way to use a Google Goggles. After all, who can deny that adding people to your contacts list this way is faster, easier and just snazzier in general?


Honorable Mention goes to these guys for the coolest search background ever.

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