Spotify Signs With EMI. Is It Closer to a U.S. Launch?

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Spotify has taken a large step towards its US launch, if rumors are to be believed, by finalizing a US distribution deal with EMI Music. All Things Digital is reporting multiple sources as saying that the deal is done, although EMI and Spotify are officially refusing comment.

This means that the streaming music service now has US deals for two labels – They signed Sony last month – of the four said to be needed for an American launch. With Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman recently making positive comments about the company to investors (“We do see Spotify, and streaming revenue from services other than Spotify, to be meaningful in 2011,” he’s reported as saying), that may just leave Universal Music Group as the remaining hold out – the problem being that UMG is by far the largest label in the world, one said to be necessary to any successful US launch, and the one that seems to be furthest from a deal with the service. Perhaps they’re just waiting until Spotify is so desperate that they’ll agree to any terms offered…

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