TechFast: Obama’s Tech Dinner, Cheaper iPhones, Early Atrix

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Good morning! Here are some of today’s top tech stories so far. We’ll cover a few of these throughout the day but feel free to get a head start.

Obama dines with tech stars of Silicon Valley

Link: San Francisco Chronicle

President Obama broke bread with the likes of Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg and several other A-listers from the tech world.

Apple Is Weighing a Cheaper iPhone

Link: New York Times

Rumors of a smaller, cheaper iPhone model have reached a fever pitch over the past couple weeks, with the Times now reporting that its own sources have confirmed such a device is coming, "but contrary to published reports, Apple is not currently developing a smaller iPhone." Cheaper? Yes. But it’ll apparently be roughly the same size as the iPhone 4.

AT&T to sell Motorola Atrix 4G smart phone Feb. 22

Link: Associated Press/Yahoo!

A technology device shipping early? There’s a change. The phone that thinks it’s a laptop—per our own Harry McCracken—has found its early March ship date moved up to next week.

Regulators Eye Apple Anew

Link: Wall Street Journal

Apple’s recently-announced app subscription model has drawn criticism from developers for enforcing a mandatory 30% commission to Apple for each sale. Now it seems the Justice Department and FTC are sniffing around.

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