New Macbook Pro Line Rumored for Thursday

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If you were Steve Jobs, what better way to celebrate your 56th birthday than with a launch of a new line of MacBook Pros?

After news of a meeting in which retail employees signed a non-disclosure agreement, the Internet is abuzz with rumors of an upcoming product launch. Sources at BGR speculate that the new line of laptops will be announced on Thursday to coincide with Steve Jobs’ birthday. They also report that the laptops will be available for sale within the next two weeks and will feature Intel’s new dual-core SandyBridge mobile chips.

While all the rumors will certainly amount to something eventually, don’t sell your current MacBook Pro just yet: the rumored announcement is only two days away, and there’s still no word of a planned media event. Either Apple is keeping this under wraps until the last possible moment, or Steve Jobs is getting a belated birthday present, instead.

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