Samsung to Round Out ‘Galaxy’ Series with 9-inch Tablet?

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If you look at Samsung’s line of “Galaxy” devices, you’ll notice that the company has just about every screen size covered. There are several 4-inch phones, a 4-inch iPod Touch-like media player, 4.3- and 4.5-inch 4G handsets, a 5-inch Wi-Fi tablet, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab Android tablet and the upcoming 10-inch Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet (shown above).

Now there’s some loose talk that Samsung may be preparing a 9-inch version of the Galaxy Tab Android tablet—8.9 inches, to be precise—to play Goldilocks to the 7- and 10-inch versions.

Samsung Hub reports that the 9-incher may even hit “as early as next month” through various mobile companies around the world—you may need to tie it to a cell plan to get the best price, in other words.

Other than that, details are pretty much non-existent. Whether the tablet, if it’s indeed coming, runs the phone-like Android 2.x software or Google’s new tablet-specific Android 3.0 software is the biggest question—a question that’ll likely be answered based on the resolution of the screen.

If the 9-inch tablet contains the same 1024×600 resolution as the 7-inch version, it’ll likely run some flavor of the Android 2.x software. But if Samsung manages to stuff a 1280×800 resolution screen into the tablet like the one found on the 10-inch version, it’ll almost certainly run Android 3.0.

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