Gaming Tip Sheet: ‘Killzone 3’

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You’ve been waiting since the end of Killzone 2 to find out what happens. That day is finally here. The latest installment in the Killzone series, Killzone 3, picks up right where the previous first-person shooter’s action left off.

Hermen Hulst, the mangaing director of Guerrilla Games, humbly admitted he might not have discovered all the secret nooks in the game, but he gave us some tips on how he plays it. Judging from what he told us, he knows quite a bit. Plus, he was full of awesome bits of trivia, like the fact that the amount of programmed material on the Blu-ray disc would equal nine DVDs! The Playstation 3 game was released on February 22 in the US, and is available at online retailers and stores, including Radio Shack which is offering it for $59.99.

Slide Tackle

In Killzone 3, you can crouch and sprint to slide so you can dodge flying debris. However, if you knock into enemies, you can tackle them too with this tactic.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Weapon

Crouching can also help reduce the spread of your weapon while firing. The StA3 LMG has heavy canisters on the back of the weapon which makes it really heavy. If you crouch, you can greatly improve the accuracy when firing.

Move In The Third Dimension

You probably already know that you can play the game in 3D, and you can play the game with the PlayStation Move controller, but did you know you can do both at the same time? Try it out and let us know what you think.

Bringing Up Baby

Though Hulst can’t confirm it, some staffers have told him that his lead artist has been putting little baby dolls all over the game. Some of his guys have found them, but Hulst has yet to see one.

Pay Attention To Class

All the classes are unlocked from the beginning of the game, but each class has its own distinct advantages in each level. When Hulst is in a search-and-retrieve level, he opts for the Infiltrator because it’s faster than the rest once it’s been leveled up high enough. Tacticians are awesome at capture-and-hold levels. Same goes for picking the Marksman when you’re in an assassination level: You can remain cloaked until you make your first kill.

Search The Scrapyard

For those of you Killzone 2 fans, you might be able to find a familiar weapon from the previous game. Bolt through the scrapyard and you may find a reward.

Warning: Nuclear Petrusite Hazardous To Your Health

Just because you’re given a gun for doing something as easy as achieving level 5 doesn’t mean it’s not a good weapon. The Nuclear Petrusite Gun can zap multiple enemies at once. If you want to take down lots of people at once, try this one out.

Explosions In The Sky

Also, if you’re trying to complete the level on the oil rig, blowing things up can help. Try the VC9 rocket launcher or the SDA 2 battle pistol for explosive fun.

Keep Things In Proximity

Proximity mines work best on the rig and in interior portions of the map. The flashing green of the frag grenade just shows up too easily in the snow.

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