NSF-Wii: ‘We Dare’ Brings Spanking, Striptease to Nintendo Consoles

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Listen: If you’ve played almost any Wii game since the console’s launch more than four years ago, it’s probably not escaped you that many of the gestures–the waggle, the pump and the thrust, for example–can be rather, erm, porn-y.

But for all the Wii-nis jokes that sexualized the functionality of the revolutionary Wii remote, that kind of bow-chicka-bow-bow thinking hasn’t really made it into a game.

Until now.

UbiSoft’s apparently releasing a party game called We Dare! in Europe. The trailer for the game depicts two young couples–who apparently don’t mind a bit of partner-swapping– having more fun than can be reasonably expected with such a goofy-looking game.

[vodpod id=Video.5648021&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

The reel looks like a trailer for a bad Skinemax movie, what with all the letting-hair-down, Wii-mote dangling and “now, you girls kiss each other” stuff. It’s laughable but Ubi’s had a track record of making ridiculous premises into hit game franchises, as seen with their Just Dance and Rabbids titles. But this isn’t just choreography mimicry or goofy mini-games. This is spanking! And, um, apple-eating. But, really, things look so tame that there probably won’t be any sexual steam generated by We Dare! The only walk of shame will be the one home, if you actually buy it. Sources are saying, though, that it won’t see a release in the U.S.