Comcast CEO: We’re Not Launching Netflix Competitor, But We Like Netflix Revenue

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Netflix Instant isn’t offering anything that NBC hasn’t been offering for years, according to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts – but that isn’t the reason why Comcast won’t be going to go down a similar route, as it turns out.

Roberts seemed impressively calm about online video streaming in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, saying “I have believed and said for a long time that more video on the Internet is more friend than foe,” and even having a positive take on Netflix:

What used to be called “reruns” on television is now called Netflix. We’re not seeing it cut into our core business, but we are glad as a producer of content to see the value of that content rising.

Not that Comcast is looking to become a Netflix competitor and drive up that value, however:

We’re not [looking to launch a VoD service available to non-subscribers]. Where we can add value, at least in the world that I see today, is taking our existing customers and giving them full access to all content online because they’re subscribers. So, today, we have that enabled for networks like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. We just made a deal with Time Warner and Turner. I hope we will be able to add to that quickly with NBCUniversal content and others.

So, not a Netflix competitor, but a cable provider that wants to make shows available online because you’ve already paid for access? That sounds weirdly positive… Next thing he’ll do to try and win us over is claim that it wasn’t his fault that he got rid of the NBC Peacock…

That actually was a recommendation from NBC’s creative team before we got here.

Oh. Never mind, then.

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