Hungry? Will Tell You If That Restaurant Should Be Shut Down

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Everybody loves those hidden gem restaurants, but it’s hard to find them without occasionally having a misstep. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

With the help of FourSquare, will let you know if a restaurant is likely a lovable hole-in-the-wall or an actual  health code violation. Despite its somewhat bitter moniker, isn’t fueled by user reviews of one angry diner upset with slow service. Instead, it uses constantly-updated data on New York City health code violations, and alerts users when they check in to an offending restaurant.

This convenient app is appealing partially because of its simplicity–there’s no interface beyond its landing page, and users only need to sign up once. After that, no news is good news, and you’ll only get a notification if the restaurant you just checked in at is in violation of the health code.

While currently is only for New York City restaurants, Stoller plans to expand to new cities soon (San Francisco is up next). But for now, at least it will let you eat in the Big Apple without any worry or regret.

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