Artsicle Wants to Decorate Your Home with Fine Art for $50 a Month

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Sure, Netflix might make sure that you can rent DVDs for your movie night parties through the mail, but what are your guests going to look at before you press play? Worry about such social faux pas no more; Artsicle is here to help, offering fine art for rent for just $50 a month in the New York area.

The New York City-based company offers subscribers the chance to browse an online catalog to find art that they like, then rent it for an indefinite amount of time before potentially buying it outright. With a monthly subscription fee of $50 and purchase prices anywhere between $500 and $1500, CEO Alexis Tryon is eager to emphasize how inexpensive the whole process is:

We believe collecting original art should be accessible for everyone. We also believe in a future art economy that allows more artists to make a living from their work, while continuing to create.

The site launches today, finally ending the pain of New Yorkers’ difficult bare walls situation.

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