Viinyl Gives Every Song Its Own URL

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Launched last week, the Montreal-based startup site Viinyl propounds the novel theory that the problem with online music is that the pictures aren’t big enough. Each song registered with the site gets a single-serving URL of its own–Ali Milner’s “I Dare You,” for instance, is , and Armistice’s “Mission Bells” is . Every song’s page features a single large image–like an old-fashioned vinyl record’s sleeve, get it? Beyond that, they can include streaming and/or downloadable copies of the song, embedded videos, biographical information, links to buy music or get more information, and social-networking buttons out the wazoo.

Beta invitations are now available to artists and bands who want to set up their own pages. For everyone else, Viinyl’s home page currently features nine sample microsites; the most interesting so far may be the one for Candy Coated Killahz’ “Neon Black,” which not only includes a free, downloadable copy of the song, but offers a remix EP in return for your email address.