AT&T on Verizon Switchers: ‘We Haven’t Seen Any Surprises’

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So how’s it going with that whole iPhone-now-on-Verizon thing, AT&T?

“We haven’t seen any surprises, and everything is pretty much within our expectations,” AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega told attendees at a recent technology conference, according to the Wall Street Journal.

He then added a very important tidbit: “It’s a little bit early to tell.”

That’s very true. Consider that potential defectors may be waiting to run out their two-year AT&T contracts and/or waiting for Apple to announce the iPhone 5 that’s widely expected sometime in June.

At the same conference, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo revealed that the $30-per-month unlimited data plans currently offered to Verizon smartphone users will come to an end, stating that the plans are “not a long-term solution,” as reported by Bloomberg.

AT&T ditched unlimited data plans last June in favor of a $25-per-month plan offering two gigabytes of usage and a $15-per-month plan offering 200 megabytes of usage. Verizon’s shift away from unlimited data may result in similarly-priced plans with similar data limits.

And with the iPad 2 set to launch next Friday, AT&T has rolled out post-paid data plans for tablets. Pricing is the same as the pre-paid data plans offered for current tablets—$15 for 200 megabytes, $25 for two gigabytes—but the post-paid plans can be billed directly to your existing AT&T service if you have it already, instead of to your credit card as with the pre-paid service.

Both pre-paid and post-paid options are month-to-month plans, and AT&T is offering a free month to anyone who signs up for the two gigabyte post-paid plan—cancel before the month is up (or before you hit two gigabytes, whichever comes first), and you’re off the hook.

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