Microsoft Unlocking Unused Xbox Live Gamertags

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If you’re looking for your perfect Xbox gamer tag, you’ll have a few more options to choose from soon. Microsoft is releasing previously taken, now unused gamertags for new players to take/swap for. Instead of having to be LTStarbuck92381049 or LEW10AUNTSARBUKC, you might actually be able to get her name.

Don’t worry: They’re only using dead accounts so those of you who haven’t paid for a Gold membership for a while don’t have to worry. The revived names are coming from cancelled, inactive or banned users. You’ll have to pay 800MS Points, or about $10, to switch your gamertag, or it’s free if you’re creating a new account. (1600 MS points is $19.99 on Amazon.) Microsoft is rolling out the old, new names daily so head over to Xbox Live,  scroll over your gamercard, press A,  select “Change Gamertag” and see if your name of choice is available.

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