Placekitten: Purrrfect Choice for Web Developers

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The internet, said UK developer Mark James the other day, is a serious business. Web developers need to be serious business people. There is serious money to be made.

But all seriousness aside, there’s always room for some kittens.

James spent a weekend creating Placekitten as a joke. It’s a simple tool for developers who need placeholder images to put on their works-in-progress, so that there’s something there for clients to see.

They’re the same clients who – inevitably – haven’t supplied the images and copy that they said they would.

Placekitten combines those essential placeholding functions with non-essential and entirely whimsical kitten-browsing ones. Mission accomplished, and as Mark James pointed out to fellow readers of Hacker News, point demonstrated: the internet likes kittens. Who’d have thought it?