T-Mobile Wants to Help Ease the Pain of Your Sidekick’s Demise

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The iconic Sidekick as we know it is nearing its end, and T-Mobile wants to be there to help you cope.

This past Tuesday, T-Mobile sent a letter out to its customers letting them know that as of May 31, 2011, the Danger data service used by the ubiquitous slide phone will be shut down for good, and users will need to move their data (contacts, photos and emails) onto either a new phone or store it on their PCs.

The letter states:

You will still be able to make calls and to send and receive text messages on your Sidekick after the Danger service shuts down. If you wish to maintain Internet access, however, you will need to move to a new handset.

In lieu of flowers, T-Mobile is offering 50% off a select choice of phones from Samsung—not a bad deal if you plan on staying with the service. Customers can go to sidekick.t-mobile.com/transition for additional assistance.

Though a new Android-powered 4G Sidekick is on the horizon – faster, smarter and superior in every fathomable way – the OS just won’t be the same.

Let’s pause, one more time, to remember an old friend as it enters into the Ethers.


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