Courtney Love to Pay $430,000 in Twitter Defamation Settlement

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If you’ve been wondering just how much trouble Twitter can get you in, the answer may be “$430,000 worth of trouble.” That’s how much Courtney Love is expected to pay as settlement in her court case with designer Dawn Simorangkir over comments made on the 140-character service.

Simorangkir had claimed that Love ruined her business following a series of tweets from the Hole singer attacking her character because of a dispute over an unpaid $4000 bill for clothing, calling her amongst other things an “asswipe nasty lying hosebag thief.” The case, which was originally meant to come to court in January, was postponed when attorneys for both sides started discussing a possible settlement, and the end result is one that allows both sides to claim victory; Simorangkir’s attorney Bryan Freedman called the settlement “quite a significant way to say I am sorry,” adding “The amount of the settlement says it all,” while Love lawyer James Janowitz claims, “They got out with an amount that left them bragging rights but nothing else.”

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